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Planning Made Easy

There's an easier way to running your classroom, writing your lessons, and creating assessments, it's your way.

Instead of using a generic template and cutting and pasting, it's time to design , teach, inspire, based on your voice, your vision, and your mission.

A reflective and inspirational journal designed for teachers ( of any age , subject, or setting), filled with 108 pages of reflection prompts focusing on the teaching day to day, the classroom, lessons, and teaching impact . This journal isn't only for the traditional teacher. It's for the homeschooling parent, the tutor, coach.

There is no right or wrong way to use this journal, go in order, skip pages, do some pages more than once. The prompts at the top of each page are designed to help teachers think, process and let go.

As a teacher, I've learned how important it is to reflect, and how hard it is to find the time and space to do so. The prompts are help you clear your mind, reflect, and to quickly get your thoughts, feelings, and funny stories down onto the page.

" Writing is the act of motion. Writing is the commitment to move forward, not to stew in our own juices, to become whatever it is that we are becoming. Writing is both the boat and the wind in the sails. Even on the days when the winds of inspiration seem slight, there is some forward motion, some progress made. " - Julia Camera, The Artist Way

The perfect end of the year gift for the teachers in your life.

This is a digital version.

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