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Digital Photography Bundle

All of the goodies, packed up in one nice tight bundle.

- A list of Videos to use as inspiration and education for your students
- List of famous photographers a long with questions to help guide students research.
- A fun scavenger hunt to help students look closely at the world around them.
- List of 50 things to photograph, get to use like a photography sketchbook

- My all time favorite lesson, Action Figure Photography
- 1st World vs. 3rd photo lesson

- Activity that helps students to understand how the digital SLR camera works

- Pack of 50 class critique cards, great for writing and talking about work.

- PPT about composition guidelines

- Handouts of the top 3 problems that students encounter when working with an SLR camera, and a list of ways to troubleshot.

10 PDF and 2 MP4
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