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AP Drawing Bundle

This is perfect if you've been teaching AP for years or if you're just starting out. This bundle includes my go to tools that I use over and over again when teaching AP Art.

Here's what's included:
- AP Drawing Concentration Tracking
( designed to help keep your students focused and responsible for their work, this chart helps them to keep track of what they've done, and what they still need to do)

AP Drawing Breadth Reflection Journal
( a series of questions that encourages students to look through their work, see what they've done well, acknowledge where they're weaknesses is, and plan how they will move forward)

- AP Drawing Syllabus

- AP Art Concentration Planning Guide
( guides students through the process of planning their pieces, and time management)

- Design Under Constraints Lesson

- 20 Minute video introducing the Drawing issues

6 PDF and 1 MP4
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