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Art History Bundle

1. Art History Review by topic ( 24 pages)

24 pages of prompts and questions to help students to examine a wide range of works of art.

Ways that you can use it:
assign one of the topics each week
assign a topic that goes along with what you are discussing in class
assign the topics as journal entries
give it to the students as a packet, provide them with a final due date and allow them to work at their own pace.
use it in a visual arts course and assign the topics as research to go with pieces that the students are creating.
use in world cultures or world history class, giving students another way to process and understand what was happening in history
use in a literature class, and have students connect works of art to what they are reading.

2. Art History through Self Portrait Project ( 2 pages)

This is a project that you can do over and over again with your students throughout the year.

A hands on project that helps students examine art history through self portraits.

My students love doing this project, it serves as an awesome study tool, and is a great way to get to know your students better and to help them get to know each other.


sample student examples
discussion questions

3. Become a curator ( 9 pages)

I use this activity as a review for AP Art History, however, you could also do this activity throughout the year to check for understanding. It would also work in a regular art history course.

Students are asked to pretend that they are 15 different artists, creating during 15 different time periods/ art movements. They must create a work, and write an artist bio touching on the content and context of the piece.

This assignment forces students to dig deep into understanding each art style, and what was taking place during the time period. It's also a nice break from reading, and allows them to do some hands on activities.

4. Video interview with registrar at the MOMA along with worksheet

5. Artist Tree of Influence mind mapping exercise. ( 8 pages)

Graphic organizers and mind maps are a great way to help students to form and see connections between what they are learning about.

You'll receive:
sample mind maps
ideas for ways to use mind maps in art history and art class
instructions for students to create an artist tree of influence
link to a great website for creating mind maps

6. Art History Image Concept Map ( 4 pages)

Use this handout to help students to study and understand images throughout art history.

You can use this as:
- a study guide
- a homework assignment
- a great sub plan
- use as a quiz

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