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Exploring Watercolor Unit Plan

What conditions, attitudes, and behaviors support creativity and innovative thinking?

What factors prevent or encourage people to take creative risks?

How does collaboration expand the creative process?

Learning Objectives:

  • The student will explore and practice 10 watercolor techniques
  • The student will examine and talk about work by artist Helen Frankenthaler and Georgia O’Keefe
  • The student will create their own watercolor technique and practice mixing colors
  • The student will create an abstract paint ( non-objective), and a painting from observation.

Who's it for: Students in grades 4-7

What's included?

  1. Learning objectives
  2. I can statements
  3. essential questions
  4. Step by step instructions
  5. pre-assessment
  6. idea generation instructions and worksheet
  7. rubric
  8. photos
  9. 20 minute video introducing 11 ways to explore with watercolor. This would work great as a sample for you, to share with students if they miss class, or if you run a flipped classroom.
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